Release 9.7.0


  • Management Swiftlet: New Admin Roles to provide fine grained accesss to the Management Tree via SwiftMQ Explorer and CLI. More ...
  • Monitor/Queue Manager Swiftlet: New individual queue monitoring and alerting. More (Queue Monitor) ...
  • JavaMail Swiftlet: Added transformation of JMS message ID and JMS correlation ID to outbound bridges. More ...


  • SNMP Swiftlet: Changed the internal intra-VM CLI connection to a direct CLI interface. More ...
  • SNMP Swiftlet: MIBs for releases 4.0.2 to 7.4.1 are not supported anymore (earliest supported release is 7.5.0).


  • SNMP Swiftlet: No OIDs generated for entity which name contains blanks.
  • File Cache Swiftlet: Error log entry when the reply queue was deleted.
  • AMQP Swiftlet: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if the AMQP URL doesn't contain a destination name, e.g. "amqp://".
  • Accounting Swiftlet: QueueManagerSource, consumer accounting misses 2 msgs when more than 1 million messages were consumed.


  • Configuration compatible with previous releases: 4.5.0 (routerconfig.xml will be converted on the first startup)
  • Class compatible with previous releases: 5.1.0 (see release notes of release 5.1.0).
  • Message compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0
  • Store compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0
  • Protocol compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0

How to Upgrade