Release 10.0.0




  • Log Swiftlet: Point logsink-directory to the Router's log directory.


  • AMQP Router: SwiftMQ Explorer / CLI hangs during connect. Reference to Routing Swiftlet removed.
  • Mgmt Swiftlet: CLIExec has a wrong context so Extension Swiftlet deploy CLI commands were not executed properly.
  • Queue Manager Swiftlet, Clustered Queues: ClassCastException while storing persistent messages when messages are being redispatched.
  • Queue Manager Swiftlet: Import, sort files by name to import in the same order as they have been exported.
  • Queue / Topic Manager Swiftlet: Thread blocks in very rare cases. Use AtomicBoolean instead of boolean asyncActive.
  • SNMP Management Swiftlet: Collectors were not started and Usage section were not updated.


  • Configuration compatible with previous releases: 4.5.0 (routerconfig.xml will be converted on the first startup)
  • Class compatible with previous releases: 5.1.0 (see release notes of release 5.1.0).
  • Message compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0
  • Store compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0
  • Protocol compatible with previous releases: 4.0.0

How to Upgrade