SwiftMQ High Availability Router

High and Continuous Availability version of SwiftMQ Universal Router with active replication and transparent JMS client failover.


Introduction SwiftMQ High Availability Router.

High Availability Deployment

Recommendations to help you to plan your HA deployment.

Getting started

6 steps to make your applications high available.

High Availability Test Suite

Describes how to setup and run the High Availability Test Suite.

JNDI and JMS Notes

Notes about using JNDI and JMS with High Availability.

Routing Connections

Describes how to configure routing connectors and listeners.

High Availability Administration

Describes administration with SwiftMQ Explorer/CLI and how to manage the router configuration files.

Example: Rolling Upgrade of a SwiftMQ HA Router

Describes how to upgrade SwiftMQ HA Router to a new release during operation without disruption.

Advanced Topics and Configuration

This section gives you detailed information about advanced HA topics and configuration options.

Problem Handling

Describes the most common problems with HA and how to solve it.