SwiftMQ JMS, Filetransfer & AMQP 1.0 Java Client

The SwiftMQ Client Distribution contains the JMS, Filetransfer and AMQP client runtime of SwiftMQ, including the administration tools SwiftMQ Explorer and CLI. It is provided as separate distribution starting with 7.6.0 and intended to make the client deployment easier. It can be used with any SwiftMQ Universal Router distribution, including SwiftMQ High Availability Router. The client runtime is also part of any SwiftMQ Universal Router distribution.

Distribution Content

Directory Content
doc contains the online documentation
jars contains all jar files, incl. jms, jndi, jsse
j2ee contains SwiftMQ's JMS resource adapter (Connector 1.5 spec)
samples contains the original JMS examples from Sun, router-network examples and an example of a CLI-based administration client
scripts contains platform specific subdirectories with startscripts for SwiftMQ Explorer, CLI and JMS clients (runclient)

Starting a JMS or AMQP Client

To start a JMS or AMQP client, switch to "scripts/unix" resp. "scripts/win32" and call "runclient" with the following parameters:


      ./runclient <app classpath> <main class> [<program param>]

        <app classpath> ::= application classpath
        <main class>    ::= application class name (main class)
        <program param> ::= optional program parameters

To start the JMS sample "P2PSender" located in "samples/router_network", enter:


      ./runclient ../../samples/router_network P2PSender smqp://localhost:4001 ConnectionFactory testqueue 10

The Filetransfer samples are located under "samples/filetransfer". Please have a look.

To start the AMQP sample "SenderTransacted" located in "samples/amqp", enter:


      ./runclient ../../samples/amqp SenderTransacted localhost 5672 testqueue 10

Starting SwiftMQ Explorer

To start SwiftMQ Explorer, SwiftMQ's graphical administration console, switch to "scripts/unix" resp. "scripts/win32" and call

    explorer [<smqp-url> <cf> FN|CR <prot>|LATEST [<user> <password>]]

    Where <smqp-url>  SMQP-URL, e.g. smqp://localhost:4001/timeout=10000
          <cf>        JMS Connection Factory, e.g. ConnectionFactory
          FN          Manage full router network
          CR          Manage connected router only
          <prot>      SMQP protocol version, e.g. 610
          LATEST      Use latest SMQP protocol version
          <user>      JMS user
          <password>  JMS user's password

SwiftMQ Explorer connects as a normal JMS client and thus requires JNDI-URL (SMQP-URL) and connection factory name. This can be specified on command line (since release 8.0.0) or, if not, the connect can be executed from a menu.

Starting CLI

To start CLI, SwiftMQ's command line interface, perform a


from the platform subfolder of the "scripts" directory. As username/password press the return key (anonymous) or use "admin", password "secret".

JMS Client Documentation

The documentation of the SwiftMQ JMS Client can be found online HERE.

Filetransfer Client Documentation

The documentation of the SwiftMQ Filetransfer Client can be found online HERE.

AMQP Client Documentation

The documentation of the SwiftMQ AMQP 1.0 Java Client can be found online HERE.