SwiftMQ 10 Released

Product Relaunch

After nearly two decades of our successful product line SwiftMQ we have decided that it is time for a relaunch. Having a bunch of add-on Swiftlets for a SwiftMQ Router that needs to be licensed separately is not up to date anymore. Therefore we now launch SwiftMQ Universal Router that includes all our optional Swiftlets. This is an all-in-one package, easy to maintain, license and manage.

SwiftMQ High Availability Router is now based on SwiftMQ Universal Router and adds high availability.

SwiftMQ AMQP Router and our SwiftMQ AMQP/JMS Client are still free of charge.

SwiftMQ Streams

SwiftMQ Universal Router adds a new Streams Swiftlet. This Swiftlet is a realtime streaming analytics engine that executes SwiftMQ Streams.

You can do everything with SwiftMQ Streams - realtime streaming analytics, complex event processing, implement enterprise integration patterns and microservices. No need for external products or applications - you get the right results as messages directly out of SwiftMQ! This makes SwiftMQ Streams unique - there is no other commercial product on the market that will provide you this and it saves customers time to production, time to market.

The good thing is that you don't have to implement Java APIs, package it into a jar file and deploy as you have it to do it with custom Swiftlets or JMS Application Container applications.

SwiftMQ Streams uses the Java Scripting Engine and you can use any JSR 223 compliant scripting engines such as JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, Python, AppleScript to implement a stream script. This script uses a elegant and powerful Java DSL - the Stream Interface - to interact with a stream.

Further Information

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