SwiftMQ Universal Router

High Scalable and High Performance Messaging System.

Standards based

JMS 1.1 with XA/ASF, AMQP 1.0 and AMQP 0.9.1, MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1 to connect any client.

JCA connectors to connect and embed into JEE application servers.


Connect routers to build large Federated Router Networks.

Dynamic routing architecture to send from any source to any destination automatically.

Add clustered queues and build large pub/sub domains.


Bridge from/to foreign JMS, AMQP 1.0/0.9.1, JavaMail, Amazon SQS.


High performance transactional file or JDBC store for persistent messages.


Manage Router Networks with SwiftMQ Explorer, Explorer App, CLI, JMX or SNMP.

Everything included

SwiftMQ Streams, Filetransfer over JMS, File Replication, Job Scheduler, VPN, App Container, File/JDBC/LDAP Authentication, Network NIO, Multicast, SSL/TLS, HTTP Tunneling.

Proven & Supported

On the market and commercially supported since 2 decades, mature and proven, no surprises.


EUR 2000 / USD 2600 per single license.

Charge per installation, not per CPU.

Volume discounts starts at 10 licenses.