SwiftMQ High Availability Router

SwiftMQ Universal Router + High Availability to ensure your business stays up even on failures.

High Availability

Active/Standby instances | synchronous state replication | automatic failover to the Standby | transparent client failover | configurable failback.

Replicated File Store | Shared File Store | Shared JDBC Store.

Continuous Availability

Versioned protocols on all levels.

Rolling Upgrade to new SwiftMQ releases during operation - NO downtime.


HA Wizard to create HA configuration and to convert non-HA configurations to High Availability.

HA Test Suite to simulate continuous failover scenarios of JMS clients before they go into production.


EUR 3900 | USD 5070 per single license (2 instances).

Charge per installation, not per CPU.

Volume discounts starts at 10 licenses.