SwiftMQ 5.x/IBM WebSphere 6.0 IntraVM

This document explains how to integrate SwiftMQ 5.x via its JCA 1.5 JMS Resource Adapter into WebSphere Application Server 6.0.

The Resource Adapter will be configured to start a SwiftMQ Universal Router intraVM. All JMS connections are intraVM as well.

2 examples are provided. One is a simple MDB which receives messages from a queue and prints it to System.out. The second example forwards the received message to another queue and uses full XA 2-Phase-Commit.

SwiftMQ Requirements

Deploy the Resource Adapter

Create an Activation Spec

Create an Administered Object

Create a Connection Factory

Example 1: Receive-only MDB

Example 2: Receive/Send MDB (full XA)