Turn your existing Data into real Value


Our microservice platform SwiftMQ Streams runs inside a SwiftMQ Universal Router and lets you intercept any internal message flow sent between your applications.

SwiftMQ Streams is part of every SwiftMQ Universal and High Availability Router.


Once intercepted you can perform Realtime Streaming Analytics on this data.

SwiftMQ Streams provides you a full featured analytics engine with windowing, event time processing, micro batches and so on.

Many predefined SwiftMQ Streams are available, ready to use.


Display results produced from SwiftMQ Streams in SwiftMQ Dashboard, our web application to visualize data in many graphical ways.

SwiftMQ Dashboard is free of charge.

Our Products

SwiftMQ Universal Router

The highly scalable and high performance messaging system that provides you everything in one product. No add-ons, no limits, best price.

Includes SwiftMQ Streams.

SwiftMQ High Availability Router

SwiftMQ Universal Router + High Availability to ensure your business stays up even on failures.

Includes SwiftMQ Streams.

SwiftMQ AMQP Router & Client

Light-weight AMQP message broker and AMQP 1.0 Java client free of charge.