Queue Manager Swiftlet

The Queue Manager Swiftlet manages all queues of a SwiftMQ router.


Introduction to the Queue Manager Swiftlet.

Queue Types

Describes all queue types used in SwiftMQ.

Shared, Exclusive, Active/Standby Consumer Modes (since 9.6.0)

Describes Queue Consumer Modes.

Clustered Queues

Describes clustered queues.

Composite Queues

Describes composite queues.

Queue Controller

Describes the usage of queue controllers for system queues.

Message Expiration

Describes the handling and cleanup of expired messages.

Multi Queue Transactions

Describes how transactions on multiple queues are performed.

Schedulable Queue Manager Jobs

Describes all schedulable jobs, registered from the Queue Manager Swiftlet at the Scheduler Swiftlet.


Configuration of the Queue Manager Swiftlet.