High Quality Enterprise Messaging.

SwiftMQ Enterprise Messaging Platform

Now available!

Now available! SwiftMQ Explorer App for iPhone and iPad.

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High Quality from Germany.

High Quality from Germany. For 16 years. First class JMS message broker.

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Where AMQP meets JMS.

Where AMQP meets JMS. AMQP 1.0 implementation, fully integrated with JMS.

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New since SwiftMQ 9.4.0!

New since SwiftMQ 9.4.0! Filetransfer over JMS. Any size, extremely fast & reliable.

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Just connect it.

Just connect it. Build any topology with Federated Router Network.

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Fail ... over!

Fail ... over! Handle outages with SwiftMQ High Availability Router.

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Maintenance Shutdown? No, we have Versioning.

Maintenance Shutdown? No, we have Versioning. Rolling upgrade during operation, no disruption.

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Exchange! Bridge to foreign JMS, AMQP, Amazon SQS and JavaMail.

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You need more? You get more!

You need more? You get more! Increase your scalability with Clustered Queues.

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What a bunch of Tools!

What a bunch of Tools! Go, administer! Go, monitor! Explorer, CLI, JMX, SNMP.

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Their Volume. Your Money.

Their Volume. Your Money. Charge your customers with built-in Accounting.

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On Time. Delivered.

On Time. Delivered. Schedule Jobs and Messages, Job Scheduler integrated.

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SwiftMQ runs it for you!

SwiftMQ runs it for you! Hot deploy your Jobs and Apps into SwiftMQ.

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[Mar 22, 2016]
SwiftMQ 9.7.3 released!

This release fixes one important bug in the reconnect code of the JMS Client, one bug in the AMQP Client and now limits the old log/trace files.

[Jan 27, 2016]
SwiftMQ Explorer App available!

We have created a new SwiftMQ Explorer App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) to manage your Router Networks from your pocket.

[Jan 14, 2016]
SwiftMQ 9.7.2 released!

It contains a change in SSL (JSSE) and 2 bug fixes.